This Week In Words

I saw a brooch of bird droppings, visited the doctor…. twice, changed diapers on a dog…. a dog, made more earrings in seven days than I did all of last year, and viewed a gallery of photographs that was comprised of dead animals. Interesting week, right? So the dog…. Yeah. She’s 14. And she likes […]

February “Finish It!” Contest Winners

So voting in this one could not have been easy on anyone! It certainly wasn’t for me. Each and every entry was filled to the brim with creativity, originality and a unique essence, with which only its creator could imbue it. Thumbing through the gallery of entries is like thumbing through a favorite book… and […]

This Week in Words

So really this is a week and a half in words, because I meant to start this series of blog posts last weekend and it just never happened. Ironically, I set myself towards writing a series about life and creativity and was too distracted by it to do so. Funny how things work out. I […]

“Finish It” Feb 2014 Contest Entries

What an amazing month it’s been! February has brought to me emails full of delightful wonders. An incredible 85 emails, I might add. I’ve never been so impressed with the quality submitted into the “Finish It” contest, with the exception of every contest I’ve had the privilege of hosting. Because none of you ever cease […]

“Finish It!” Tutorial Design Challenge

What’s that swirly thing, you ask? That swirly thing, my dear, creatively passionate, insanely talented friends, is my (hidden) version of the “Finish It!” design challenge! Which marks the very first (but most certainly not the last) contest of 2014! Now, I have to admit, I have a purely selfish motivation behind any contest I […]

Happy New Year! 2014 is Underway!

What an incredible year 2013 turned out to be, and I have you to thank for it. Without your encouragement, kind words, and frantic giveaway-day postings I can easily say I’d be nowhere near where I am today if not for your support. From the bottom of my heart, thank you. Thank you for the […]

“Pumpkin Patch” Design Challenge: WINNERS

What an exciting and productive month! October is always a time of personal reflection for me but, beyond that, is also an opportunity to ready myself for the winter months and prepare for my hibernation. Preferably with donuts and the first eight seasons of Supernatural. And my wire. Definitely my wire. But right now, at […]

Facebook Every 100 Likes: “On the Road to 5000″

Now I know…. “likes” aren’t where lies the substance of Nicole Hanna Jewelry (hopefully). But, I’ll be honest, my obsessive disorder needs to see nicely rounded numbers. Numbers by the tens. It’s a sickness. Seriously. I see 3578 and it just eats a piece of my soul. But I see 3600 and the heavens open […]

“Pumpkin Patch” Design Challenge: VOTES

Read more about the “Pumpkin Patch” Design Challenge  here. The deadline has arrived and it’s time to reveal the entries in the “Pumpkin Patch” design challenge. SQUEE! With 17 fabulous entries there is 17 reasons to SQUEE. Perhaps 18, if you include the collective SQUEE. I love pumpkins! And fall. And the color orange. And […]

Etsy Redefines “Handmade”

Etsy brands itself as the “global handmade and vintage marketplace”. It’s a proud label with years of artisan and handcrafted goods on which to rely. However, the Etsy model has, over the years, changed dramatically, and the platform is turning its back on the individual artist. From its birth in 2005 as a handmade heaven, […]

Thoughts On Writing A Letter

When I was a young girl, I used to sit on my porch and write about the weather. How the leaves fell from trees like lovers shaken lose from a hug. How, even when the skies howled and raged and spit at the earth, it was beautiful and frightening and inviting all bundled together in […]

“Pumpkin Patch” Jewelry Design Challenge

Fall is my favorite season and Halloween is my favorite holiday. So it stands to reason pumpkins are a major theme in my house starting… well… now. Glass pumpkins, real pumpkins, pumpkin ornaments, pumpkin candles, pumpkin pie! It’s long since crossed the line of healthy appreciation and meandered into the fog-filled cemetery of “Holy obsession, […]

Felicia Day, Elf Ears & Twitter Contests!

Back in December, a multi-talented jewelry artist, Marcy Bell, challenged me to wire wrap a pair of elf ears for her. It was a frustratingly magical, fairy-filled bag of what-was-I-thinking that, if truth be told, made me want to scratch out my eyeballs with the mangled remains of wire quickly piling in the graveyard of […]

New Beginnings, Mid Year. Go figure.

So I said in a previous post I was re-inventing an old idea, ruminating in the dark corners of my creative closet, and was determined to see it realized. What was the idea, you ask? A deck of tarot. A little whimsical. A little off-beat. Definitely not for everyone. But always an accomplishment I’ve desired […]

Professional vs. Amateur & Who Cares Anyway?

“If you hear a voice within you saying ‘You cannot paint’, then by all means paint, and that voice will be silenced” ~ Vincent Van Gogh I want to preface this post by saying the following: Being regarded as a professional is usually only important to the artist. A buyer, for the most part, buys […]