This Week In Words

It’s been one of THOSE weeks. You know what I’m talking about. The dinner burns. Every. Single. Night. My hand burns in the process. Or its stabbed ferociously with a knife while trying to scoop a piece of brownie out of a pan because ohmygodIneedsugar. Everything I picked up I dropped. Usually on another part […]

Facebook 5000 “likes” GIVEAWAY: Past, Present & Future

We are almost there and I can’t believe it! Every day I am amazed and humbled by the enthusiasm, encouragement, the unyielding support and dedication I experience through every purchase, comment, share and like. Each of you have fed my passion with your own fervor, and my creativity has never been more fueled and inspired. […]

Creativity and Chronic Illness

I have been sick for three years. Pained, tired, panicked and broke, I have been in three hospitals, met with a dozen doctors, had two MRIs and four CT Scans, and could likely complete my own blood work more proficiently than the nurse. I have been called a liar and accused of medicated dependencies. I […]

May “Finish It!” Winners!

First off, I’d like to apologize again for the Flickr kerfuffle, and to those who didn’t receive the finished tutorial in as timely a manner as I’d intended. Though I’m loathe to lay blame… I’m totally blaming Yahoo. And second, I’d like to thank you! Each and every one of you. Those who participated took […]

May “Finish It!” Gallery of Entries

So many beautiful entries. What else is there to say really? I could receive five entries or 500 and each alone would have been worth hosting another contest. Your creativity and ability to extend yourselves beyond the limitations of a tutorial are, as always, extremely impressive and inspiring. I want to thank each and every […]

May “Finish It!” Design Challenge

It’s that time again! Time for the “Finish It!” design challenge! The purpose of this challenge is to encourage the participants to extend themselves, their talents and creativity, beyond the limitations of a single set of instructions and create pieces uniquely their own. Each contest has resulted in a wealth of beautiful and original artistic […]

The Worst Thing To Happen To Creativity Is….

….this sentence: “There’s nothing new under the sun.” or “It’s all been done before.” or my personal favorite, “There’s no such thing as originality.” These three sentences, word for word, I read today by three different people. In a single day, in a single social media post. And it was the most disheartening realization upon […]

Long Live The King! Or Something.

So, I’m going to admit something, and no one is allowed to laugh because we all geek over something (I’m looking at you, people who watch American Idol). I… (dramatic pause)…. am a member of the Society for Creative Anachronism. Which is like LARPing but without potions and lightning bolts. We dress up in gorgeous […]

A Conversation about Gemstones

Which is to say, I know nothing about them. Oh sure, I can point out an amethyst, or a labradorite, and I can even tell you the metaphysical properties of a few stones. I used to carry a lapis for wisdom and vision and a beautiful citrine for energy and clarity of mind. But, in […]

This Week in Words: Craft Show Etiquette

Last weekend was the quarterly, local Holistic Festival. Though I hadn’t attended in years, not since renting my last table, it somehow still holds me in its warm grip. The people are kind, the energy inviting and the creativity easily contagious. Unable to attend, the notice I received about the event managed to stir up […]

This Week In Words

I saw a brooch of bird droppings, visited the doctor…. twice, changed diapers on a dog…. a dog, made more earrings in seven days than I did all of last year, and viewed a gallery of photographs that was comprised of dead animals. Interesting week, right? So the dog…. Yeah. She’s 14. And she likes […]

February “Finish It!” Contest Winners

So voting in this one could not have been easy on anyone! It certainly wasn’t for me. Each and every entry was filled to the brim with creativity, originality and a unique essence, with which only its creator could imbue it. Thumbing through the gallery of entries is like thumbing through a favorite book… and […]

This Week in Words

So really this is a week and a half in words, because I meant to start this series of blog posts last weekend and it just never happened. Ironically, I set myself towards writing a series about life and creativity and was too distracted by it to do so. Funny how things work out. I […]

“Finish It” Feb 2014 Contest Entries

What an amazing month it’s been! February has brought to me emails full of delightful wonders. An incredible 85 emails, I might add. I’ve never been so impressed with the quality submitted into the “Finish It” contest, with the exception of every contest I’ve had the privilege of hosting. Because none of you ever cease […]