This Week In Words: Renovations

I’m remodeling. And organizing. And cleaning. Nothing is more conducive to creativity than an atmosphere which fosters it, both in style and functionality. I don’t work well in clutter, or mess or dysfunctional furniture or bad lighting. I like to surround myself with comfort and mood and a sense of spiritual calm, and feed my […]

I Blame Mercury in Retrograde

So I admit it. I let tax time get the better of me this year, even though I swore that last January was the only January I would panic. I’ve had three meltdowns this month. Three. In twenty-three days. One of them involved the emotional binge-eating of Snickers and Doritos and the post mortem guilt […]

To 2015 and Beyond!

I need a hover board. All the cool kids in 2015 should have a hover board. Though my children would tell me to stop being ridiculous, because all the cool kids obviously have the iPhone 5. And though we aren’t exactly fit for the Back to the Future franchise, I have to say, the world […]

This Week… This Month…. So Many Words

What a crazy ride this thing is we call life. Sigh. On November 4, I lost my beloved 15 year old Basenji, Ash. Four weeks later, his housemate, Pandora, followed him unexpectedly. It was a crushing blow surrounding the holidays that has left our household in an emotional fog. And because I trust that our […]

This Month In Words: You Don’t Find Time, You MAKE Time

Wise words, indeed, offered to me via Instagram user pagan_wizard, who reminded me I have no excuse to put off projects except for the excuses I make for myself. In other words, just because there’s a reason to procrastinate, doesn’t mean you should. Even if The Flash vs. Arrow is happening next week, resulting in […]

Go Art Yourself

That’s right. Go art yourself. Even if you do it badly. Even if you make a mess, the lines aren’t straight, the wire kinks, the paints are all dried up. Art yourself once a day to prove imperfections do not diminish the accomplishment of creating art. This is the purpose of my new YouTube channel, […]

On the Road to 10,000 Facebook “Likes”

Oh yeah. I’m doing it. I’m making this big. 10,000 is huge. It’s a monolith of creating, sharing, conversing and, I dare say, I enjoy a fair bit of selfish glee as a result. I get to do what I love for a living. I get to share it with all of you. That’s a […]

10 Things About Me: A Vanity Post

Although, to be fair, they are all kinda vanity posts, aren’t they? Anyway, I have my nose buried in Facebook for at least three hours a day, and happened upon a chainmail-esque “10 Things You May Not Know About Me” post, that beckons readers to respond with a post of their own. And I thought […]

This Month In Words: Blech

October is, generally speaking, the highlight of my year. The changing of the leaves from their summer greens to the golden armour of fall. The pumpkins lining stoop after stoop, some clearly carved with grinning faces. The cold touch of a changing season in the wind. These are all the most obvious, but everlasting, reasons […]

September “Finish It! Design Challenge” Winners!

Well it’s that time once again, to round out another Finish It! Design Challenge. And this one produced pieces as beautiful as expected, and then stretched the boundaries of that beauty into something even greater. I am always reminded, when I host these contests, of the endless sea of creativity which comes rolling in a […]

September 2014 “Finish It!” Gallery of Entries

Okay, you are all kinda blowing my mind. There were over 50 entries, and you’d never know, by the looks of them (fabulous looks, I might add) they were derived from the same steps and list of materials. Tutorials are a great exercise for expanding creativity by choosing the directions by which you adhere. Or […]

September “Finish It!” Design Challenge

It’s that time again! Time for the “Finish It!” design challenge! Past time, actually, as I let myself become distracted by all the amazing fall television previews (can we say Sleepy Hollow). But, I promised a contest in September and I aim to deliver! Here you’ll find all you need to know about the contest […]

This Week In Words

It’s been one of THOSE weeks. You know what I’m talking about. The dinner burns. Every. Single. Night. My hand burns in the process. Or its stabbed ferociously with a knife while trying to scoop a piece of brownie out of a pan because ohmygodIneedsugar. Everything I picked up I dropped. Usually on another part […]

Facebook 5000 “likes” GIVEAWAY: Past, Present & Future

We are almost there and I can’t believe it! Every day I am amazed and humbled by the enthusiasm, encouragement, the unyielding support and dedication I experience through every purchase, comment, share and like. Each of you have fed my passion with your own fervor, and my creativity has never been more fueled and inspired. […]

Creativity and Chronic Illness

I have been sick for three years. Pained, tired, panicked and broke, I have been in three hospitals, met with a dozen doctors, had two MRIs and four CT Scans, and could likely complete my own blood work more proficiently than the nurse. I have been called a liar and accused of medicated dependencies. I […]